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Last Global Change 2002/02/10

Overview Information
Project Description SailAway is a project meant to provide a good solar sail structure and flight simulator that can accurately account for orbit perturbations and structural details of the sail itself on flights through the inner solar system.

The application is organized as a collection of smaller applications performing specific duties ranging from physical simulation, user interfacing, and library storage of the results produced.

The open nature of the project and the storage libraries will support academic researchers and flight planners in efforts to study solar sail missions while reducing duplication of effort and the costs associated with flight analysis tools.

Application Architecture and Planning Documentation
All Project files are in the CVS repository.

Browse through them or check out a working copy if you know how to use CVS. We will be using mailing lists and the IRC channel [#sailaway] on to discuss ideas to be placed in these documents.

Published documentation can be found in the Doc Manager within the project. Documentation that does not face the user directly may be found within the repository mostly under the docs directory.

Once a group of documents has reached a moderately evolved state, they will be released using the same file release feature a project such as ours uses to release the actual software and source code.

Source and Documentation
SailAway Source and Documentation tarball
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A SailAway CVS tar ball
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Project News

Project Code planned to split.
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